Future Host [未来主人] (Noun.) is an epithet commonly bestowed to children in officially Socialist states, which posit their youngsters as the agent, product, and site of a speculative reality, for which they must always already be ready—a command of absolute urgency and ecstatic optimism.

Invoking the ancient, pliable form of chorus, Future Host: A Speech Opera channels historical methods and patterns of speaking and speech-making via an original text, written and performed in Chinese. Fragmented words and unorthodox verbal expressions are composed into a polyphonic soundscape beyond the limits of comprehensibility, where the audience move freely in space. Together with performance of improvisational music by a children's string quartet, they form an aleatory, fully sensorial experience centered on a void.

Graphic identity, Future Host, with Kang Kang and Tingying Ma.
Photographer: Qinrui Hua