A Pigeon Is Just a Pigeon is a book project from spring 2018. When ‘making a book’ came as a requirement, the idea how not to make a book also came to mind. Instead of devoting myself completely to the project I just wanted to walk around it. The book exists in a physical format, following a nonlinear order composed of 84 sheets of images, 4 sheets of blank, and a booklet of text. If the idea of making a book is about sharing then what A Pigeon Is Just a Pigeon shares is a kind of confusion — can we living in a state of confusion but still feel secure?

Below are some fragments I thought were worth sharing — or rather the fragments had no place to go — words, images and memories. I’m telling you a song that you’ve never heard.

A Pigeon Is Just a Pigeon, 2018

A Dying Pigeon Talking to a Dying Butterfly, by Kyung Me

with Linda van Deursen

Kanata, 05:10 min

Letter paper / Dartboard / Chocolate