Kanata (narration + video)

This is a story about a woman who decided to cut off from any memory after she had seen her memory in someone else.

At the time I had a device with me, it was quite popular. 35% of the people on earth were using it. I used it to take snapshots.

One day I was traveling to visit some friends in the countryside of Canada. The name “Canada” originated from a Saint-Lawrence Iroquoian word Kanata for "settlement", "village", or “land”. The name has been officially used since the founding of the French colony.

On the way, I took this image. I was born in a southern city, where it barely snows. When I saw the waterfall icing, I was amazed. It was a moment when time freezes.

I was happy that I had this image, it made me remember the land of Canada, or rather I remember the image I took of the land of Canada. It have substituted themselves for my memory.

Couple days after, when I was on the bus I saw that a woman who sat in front of me had the same image. At the moment, I felt my heart was broken, my eyes were blind; my images, my moments, my memory were nothing any longer.

I have always thought, if I’m careful with every image I take, I will have the most special images and equally the most precious memories. I believed that my device was personal and special.

I heard from a friend of mine. His mother has Alzheimer. She doesn’t remember who her son is, or who her husband is. One day, she asked my friend: Is this your house? This is a kind of disease that ultimately leads to death. She is alive only because there is still someone who takes care of her. People tend to forget the physiology of the body – how fragile it is. If we can’t remember yesterday, we are not allowed to have tomorrow. And the disease tells that we are not even the one who decides if we can remember.

After that trip, I stopped taking any pictures. I gave up producing memories. Because I knew others would create the memories, and I would take their memories as mine and take care of my body.

They said “memory is what made a man, without memory man would just walk alone in the dark.”

I agree with them, with what they say. But I had already made my mind. Right now I am in the dark. Here has something but nothing. Nothing but everything.

Between-times I would grab a piece of something, nothing or everything, read it aloud and then throw it away. I might meet it again or never but it doesn’t matter. So, welcome to the land of nothing, something or everything.